Honda Accord Suspension

Published: 04th March 2010
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Honda Accord Suspension: For That Smooth Ride

A performance Honda Accord suspension comes with mono-tube gas shock absorbers and sport springs for extreme performance. These performance suspensions produce a positive effect on over-steering, under-steering and traction. These suspensions allow the vehicle to be lowered by 30-40 mm. Basically, the performance suspension offers ride comfort, amazing driving dynamics, safety and durability.

Honda Accord Suspension: Performance Shocks

Honda Accord performance shocks utilize unique valve and piston designs to keep the vehicle on the ground. Any excessive or violent movement is prevented by the velocity sensitive characteristics and valve curves of the shocks. Improved adhesion, compliance and handling are obtained by minimizing the low speed damping force and increasing the damping at high and medium piston speeds.

Honda Accord Suspension: Performance Springs

Performance springs, in tandem with performance Honda Accord Suspensions, provide the proper ride height and spring rates for a performance car like the Honda Accord. These performance springs are made of chrome silicon alloy and they are block-set, heat treated, powder-coated and phosphate-treated to ensure maximum durability. The most important aspect of the performance springs is that they offer a smooth drive even in roughest road conditions.

Honda Accord Suspension: Front Double Wishbone Suspension

The Honda Accord has a double-wishbone front suspension that is designed to provide a stable ride under any driving conditions, including braking, hard acceleration and cornering. This type of suspension is able to minimize the effects of bumpy roads and wheel movement in the passenger cabin because the large lower arm of the suspension is connected to the front sub-frame directly, while the smaller upper arm is positioned high above the wheel and tire.

Honda Accord Suspension: Rear Five-link Suspension

The rear five-link double wishbone suspension keeps the Honda Accord flat during hard cornering and minimizes the amount of roll steer related to independent rear suspensions. This suspension helps to maintain a flat tire-contact patch between the road and the car. The tubular steel links are designed to maintain the rear wheels upright through the full range of movement in any condition, including cornering at high speeds.

Performance parts can make a Honda Accord more efficient, safe and fun to drive. has been offering a wide range of high quality performance parts, including Honda Accord Suspension and other aftermarket components for more than a decade. The company offers products to help car owners to get the best performance out of their vehicles.

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